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Where are you located?

Glad you asked, we are based out of Denver, CO. At the moment we have no brick and mortar storefront, allowing us to divert more money into quality ingredients and being versatile rather than pay overhead. So do a little happy dance because we can dedicate more time to you - our customer and bring your order directly to you!


How do I order some of this deliciousness?

Go to our Contact Us page and scroll down to the order inquiry. Fill out all your info and we will get back to you to work out the details! Please note - all order inquiries need to be submitted at least 72 hours ahead of time. 


I saw you on (Facebook, Instagram, Wedding Wire, etc.) and some of the items pictured aren't on your menu??! But I reallllllly want one, what can I do?

Fear not, we do custom orders from time to time! Go to the contact us page and submit an order inquiry describing what you'd like and we'll do our best to make it happen.


I don't live in Denver, can I get anything from you?

First, check out our Etsy page we're constantly trying to update items that we can make and ship to you. As of now you can purchase our gourmet marshmallows and our custom organic syrups. We're always looking for new things so send us a message if there's something you're craving and we'll do our best!


I have a big celebration coming up, can you help me?

Why certainly! We love parties, big or small. We do delivery for desserts, drink stations, guest gratuities, edible thank you's, and more. Submit an order inquiry with as many details as you currently know and we'll see if we have the date available.


I just want something small for a friend/relative/co-worker/random stranger, can I order it from you?

You bettcha! If you or they live in Denver go ahead and submit an order inquiry with what you like and we can get back to you on delivery. If you/they live outside of the Greater Denver Area check out what we offer on our Etsy account ( that can be shipped world-wide! 


SOS - My question isn't here, please help!

Fear not! Send us an email

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